Portable Gas Vigil  

We are engaged in engineering of Portable Gas Leakage Detection Devices that are widely demanded for ensuring safety in industries as well as domestic applications.

These gases are designed and developed for single handed operation and are offered in convenient carrying case.

  • Flexible long goose neck sensor tube for easy access to probable leak area
  • Fast initial warm up (30 seconds) and quick response (5 seconds) time makes accurate & early detection
  • Distinctive buzzer and light for gas leak and different audio tone and light for low battery warning
  • Works on rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery pack, battery charger is standard accessory.
It is used for fast and reliable spot detection of gas leakage in pipelines, joint flanges, valve banks  
Technical Specifications:  
Gas Sensor Type Catalytic Combustion
Gas Sensitivity 50 ppm or more per applicable gas
Start-up Time 30 seconds
Response Time 5 seconds
Visual Indication green LED: Detector On
Red LED: Gas Leak
Yellow LED: Low Battery
Audio Indication Continuous Alarm: Gas Leak
Intermittent Alarm: Low Battery
Battery Chargeable Nickel Cadmium cells
Accessories Battery Charger, Carry Case
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