Commercial and Industrial Gas Leakage Detection Devices  
We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Industrial Gas Leakage Detection Devices, which is in wide demand across the globe. Designed with perfection, these detection devices help the user in upgrading the safety standards. Complying with statuary requirements of environment, these help in preventing accidents, thus protecting life & property from any damage.
  • It consists of Multi-point gas sensors that are placed in flame proof junction boxes.
  • User friendly, simple in design and cost effective to provide the customer with quality and reliable gas sensing at affordable cost.
  • Additional sirens, beacon lights are installed on customer's
  • request
  • Designed to detect specific gases like Acetylene, Ammonia, Hydrogen, LNG, LPG etc.
  • Add on facilities like automatic pop up alert message on process PC, remote audio alarm in security control room using wireless transmission
It is installed in areas like gas yards, gas banks with multi cylinders, user production departments & kitchens.  
Technical Specifications:  
All sensors are connected to a centralized processing cum display unit where an audio output, visual activation of corresponding LED in a mapped display occurs when any of the sensors detects gas concentration beyond preset level.  
Sensor Method Catalytic Combustible
Applicable Gas LPG/LNG/Hydrogen/Acetylene/Ammonia
Sensor Operating Voltage 2 V
Mounting Method Foot/Wall
Install Distance Sensor to control 200 Meters Max.
Input Power Source 220 Volts AC +/- 15%, 50 Hz
Normal Mode Green LED ON
Activated Mode Hooter/Siren ON, Location Red LED ON
Detection Range 10% of LEL of applicable gas or upwards for selected gas
Response Time 5 Seconds Max
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